The Barbaric Treatments For Cancer

The treatments that are used by doctors to cure cancer are very similar to the torture in the middle-ages. Why do cancer patients have to go through such pain and suffering? It is strange for a normal person to understand why we use treatments for curing cancer that do more harm than good. The answer to it of course is politics.

People who use chemotherapy or radiation go through slow torture and and all the chemicals and radiation slowly kills the body. It is very hard to see someone you love go through this kind of a treatment for even for a day. But very often this torture goes on for years until the inevitable happens – death. These treatments are also very expensive and when a person you love is dying from this disease, someone is making a fortune from all the money they get from all the dying cancer patients. Not only are people being tortured, they are paying to get tortured. But anyway lets take a look at the so called “conventional” cancer treatments – surgery, chemotherapy and radiation.


If you have for example breast, colon, prostate spleen or any other common cancers then a tumor is found usually. This happens to around 90% of people every single year. Then the surgeon or the oncologist suggests removing it with surgery. The truth is that you will be worse off for having the surgery, even if you make a recovery. Surgical removal may often cause metastasis that may not have occurred otherwise. Even a very small cancer tumor contains billions of cancer cells and even if a 99% of the tumor is removed, your cancer is very likely to recur. Surgery should be the very last option in your list. There are hundreds of different natural treatments that are proven to work.


You can also call it poisoning of the cells with cytotoxic drugs. That[ what it is. Chemotherapy uses a mix of toxic drugs to poison the cells as they divide. The cancer cells are dividing constantly to form new malignant cancer cells. But billions of healthy cells are also dividing constantly. The problem is that the chemotherapy drugs can´t tell the difference between healthy cells and normal cells. The reason why so many cancer patients lose their hair is that, the fastest dividing cells are in your hair. All the healthy cells that are in your organs for example are killed. The destruction of the healthy cells causes enormous pain for the patients.


The third conventional treatment for cancer is radiation. For some tumors radiation is effective in reducing the size of the tumor, but that is it. The side effects are very significant most of the time. Like with chemotherapy radiation also does not distinguish between cancer cells and normal cells. Patients who have had radiation or chemotherapy never recover the antioxidant levels in their bodies.

Why are the doctors not using alternative treatments then, instead of these brutal treatments? Well most of the doctors are well meaning, they just get caught up in the system. The money that is got from chemotherapy mostly drives the whole system. And we all know that money makes the world go round.

by Randolph Meresmaa


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