Supporting a Child Who is Afflicted With Cancer

Cancer is a life-threatening disease that afflicts people of every age. It is hard to perceive no matter what your age, but for children, can be especially traumatic. A strong support system can go a long way toward helping the child cope and maintain the positive attitude that will help the cure be effective.

There are many ways to be supportive a child who is stricken with cancer. A very important thing to remember is that positive action makes a very big difference. relaying cards or videos of family members who are getting together to show their support will definitely help. Upbeat posters or photos to decorate the victim’s bedroom or hospital room will also provide a more cheerful environment.

When selecting presents, try to find stuff that fit the kid’s personality. Keep in mind he or she is mostly confined to a bed so videos and audio books may be wonderful options. Remember things the child likes and get the presents accordingly.

You should bring his or her favorite meal when the child is able to eat. This may involve cooking favorite foods or going out looking for them getting take out. This gives the child something to look forward to and will provide a much needed break in the difficulty of treatment and doctor visits and procedures.

Find the courage to talk with the child. Remember, he or she is very scared and may want to talk about this with somebody who is a good listener. Be a good listener and push the child to maintain a positive attitude.

Sit with the child. Often simple companionship can provide the best support. It also lets the child know he or she is not alone.

Be there with words of encouragement. Be ready with a smile as they are very much contagious.

Choose those toys he or she really enjoys if the child is able to participate in activities. Try to remember that the child may be restricted by the sickness, but be sure to pick activities that are well within what the child is able to do. Take the child for walks or sit outside in the fresh air when possible. Sometimes nothing feels better than real sunshine.

Dealing with a child’s cancer can be hard for all family members, friends and loved ones. The key is to rally around the child and draw from one another’s positive energy.

For more information visit Children’s Cancer Fund of America, Inc.

by Brian P Morse


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