Should You be Concerned About the Health Impact of Cell Phone Radiation on Your Children?

cell phone health

Few people have not heard the many different rumors, ideas, beliefs, and “news reports” that have indicated that the radiation from cellular phones may be bad for our health. Gossip claiming health issues of all kinds, from brain tumors to birth irregularities and other claims have been related to talking on cell phones, but have you ever asked yourself if any of these stories actually have facts to go with them? If you or someone you love uses a cell phone – especially on a regular basis – then the odds are that the thought has indeed crossed your mind.

The reason that so many people have heard and often believe these stories is because of the electromagnetic waves used by regular cell phones that are in the microwave range, as well as the growing number of cell phone towers popping up in residential areas and places where people commonly gather.

When it comes to cell phone towers, they have been specifically designed so that the waves occur far above where people are moving about, and therefore never have a direct impact on them. The towers only emit the waves at the very top, not along their entire length. They are, therefore, considered to be very safe.

In terms of the cell phones themselves, many studies have been performed to see if the electromagnetic waves can have any health impact on people. Among those to perform those studies is the World Health Organization (WHO), which discovered that using cell phones regularly, or living near the base stations for cell phone networks will not have any serious health impacts such as cancer and other suspected health issues. However, to make certain, the WHO is continuing their studies and will be making their next statement about cell phones and health within the year.

Manufacturers of cell phones assure their clients that the devices themselves pose no serious health threat, and that there is much more risk in driving while talking on the phone than there is in the radiation emitted by the handset.

by Dan Krasky


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