Childhood Cancer Book Review – Where’s My Hair?

As a special education specialist I have seen many books that children struggle with because the reading is too hard. Many books lack age appropriate reading. Let me tell you about a new children’s book authored by Patti Block, of Minnesota, titled Where’s My Hair? This book definitely has an age appropriate reading level and can be used for educational purposes.

Where’s my Hair is about the days of a young cancer patient. It starts off with the news that a young boys friend is sick. He talks about how his friend needs to go to the doctor a lot. How there will be good days and bad days. He tells how he feels about his friend. He waits for the day where they can play again. This book is a great reading book for the young reader. The style of writing by this author is simple. The author does not use big words. She gets her points across by using simple words; words that young people, including young readers will understand.

This amazing book can also be used an an educational resource for any young person who is dealing with cancer, whether it is themselves that has been diagnosed or a loved one. The book can easily be read over and over again so the child can remember what will happen when their loved one goes to the doctor for their cancer treatments. Repetition while reading is an important factor for the child to learn and remember.

This pictures in Where’s My Hair? are vivid and full of color. They too will help the child understand what is happening in the story if they are too young to read by themselves.

Bottom line–this book would be an amazing tool to add to your personal or professional collection.

Where’s My Hair?

Author: Patti Block

Illustrator: Swapan Debnath

ISBN: 978-1-936046-12-6

by Terry Boser


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