Why Refined Sugar is Poison For Your Body – Worst Sugars That Will Eventually Cause Cancer

Refined Sugar

“Twenty years ago, the common perception was that sugar intake was associated with several chronic diseases: Diabetes, coronary heart disease, obesity, and hyperactivity in children. Despite having been labeled as “empty calories”, sugars are truly important compounds from the perspective of the human body. Humans have retained the ability to synthesize all forms of carbohydrates the body needs from simple sugars. This is not the case with the other dietary macronutrients, fats, and proteins. Following ingestion, all digestible complex dietary carbohydrates are broken down in the gut to simple sugars before they are absorbed into the body. Within the body, dietary sugars are converted to glucose, a major fuel used by all cells, and the primary fuel required by brain tissue for normal function. Low levels of glucose in the blood will impair the brain and cause permanent mental impairment or worse – coma or death. The body can store a limited amount of glucose as glycogen, which it can draw upon for less than a day. After this, other sources such as proteins, from the breakdown of body tissues, must be used to synthesize glucose for the cells”

Any natural substances, when refined and purified synthetically, undergo a basic change in character. Refined sugar is an excellent example. Because refined sugar causes physiological changes in the body of a temporary pleasant nature (which mask significant degenerative effects), it has been relatively simple to push this substance on an unsuspecting population. It is estimated that refined sugar production is approximately 200 billion pounds per year, and personal consumption, in well-to-do countries, often exceeds 100 pounds per year.

For others, it can go far above the 100 pounds mark. Over-consuming refined sugar can have detrimental effects on the body. According to the best medical evidence available, it can produce diabetes, obesity, and heart problems. Coronary heart disease (see Article 3) has been regarded as a complication of diabetes. Both of these diseases have a common cause – the over-consumption of white refined sugar and white refined flour. Of all the foods processed by humans, refined carbohydrates like sugar and flour are altered the most. Yes, sugar is made from natural ingredients (sugar cane or sugar beets), but so is heroin. They both look alike and have detrimental effect on the body as well.

Sugar producers hide evidence from the public by incorporating sugar (as a refined carbohydrate) in the food label as a “carbohydrate”. It is deliberately misleading. Some carbohydrates are well digested by the body and well accepted by it as well. Refined sugar is considered poison for the human body. However, you won’t see “refined poison” below carbohydrate on the food label, would you?

This is a way to make their product more acceptable on the market, hiding it behind a necessary nutrient.

How can we distinguish between the good and the bad sugar? What is acceptable and well digested by our body without bringing us to the grave? Scientists use the word “sugar” to describe an entire group of substances that are similar but not identical. The substance called glucose is a sugar found in fruits and vegetables that is the essential material in the metabolic processes of life. It is always present in the blood and is often referred to as “blood sugar”. Dextrose is derived synthetically from starch, fructose is found in fruits, maltose is a sugar present within malt and fermented products, lactose is a natural sugar found in milk, and sucrose is a refined synthetic sugar made from sugar cane and sugar beets.

When sucrose is ingested, an incomplete metabolism occurs, resulting in the formation of toxic compounds, such as pyruvic acid and sucrose structures that contain five carbon atoms. The pyruvic acid accumulates in the brain and nervous system and the abnormal sucrose structures accumulate in the blood, interfering with the normal respiratory processes of the cell and depriving it of oxygen. Sugar is an anti-nutrient and it increases the need for nutrients in the body. A shining example is a pre-sweetened cereal with vitamins added to it. The product is entirely self-defeating and injurious to the body.

During the process of continuous sugar consumption, especially with today’s processed foods, excess sugar is stored in the liver in the form of glucose until the liver reaches full storage capacity. During this process, the liver becomes somewhat enlarged and excess glucose is returned to the blood in the form of fatty acids, which are stored in the inactive muscular areas of the body, which is where people gain weight (stomach, buttocks, breasts, thighs, etc). When these areas have been filled to capacity, the fatty acids are then sent to organs (heart, kidneys, etc.), which causes them to begin a process of degeneration. Abnormal blood pressure begins to occur, brain functions are affected, the structural quality of the cellular structures within the blood declines, an overabundance of white cells occurs, creation of new tissue declines, and the immune system is affected.

If sugar consumption continues, a gradual process of cell death occurs that can probably lead to a degenerative condition, such as : multiple sclerosis.

Since more than 60% of the human diet is composed of refined carbohydrates (refined sugar, white flour, polished rice, macaroni, and most breakfast cereals), it is not hard to understand why the population is developing a host of degenerative diseases. If truth had to come out by informing the public of the effect of refined sugar on our poor and battered bodies, it could well be the end of most of advertising mediums (major television networks, over five hundred magazines, and several thousand newspapers). Let’s not forget the several thousand parasitic businesses (including fast food giants that poison your body every chance they get) that thrive off a deluded and misinformed public and depend heavily on false, misleading, and deceptive practices. Many books have been written about this specific subject. But are we taking action? Obviously not. They are still around and poisoning us. The more you see a product advertised, the more of a rip-off and health hazard it may represent. Coca-Cola, for example, contains substances that are known poisons. It also causes degeneration of the teeth and stomach lining. For those avid Coca-Cola drinkers, it is probably safe to slow down the consumption. In addition, remember, what’s good in taste, can’t always be good for you.

Despite popular belief that sugar causes obesity, a number of studies show an inverse relationship between reported sugar consumption and the degree of being overweight. An increase in the percentage of calories from sugar is, by definition, associated with a decreased consumption of calories from fat. Obesity is a consequence of higher energy intake than energy expenditure, where excess calories are stored as fat. The type of calories consumed is the subject of many studies in obesity research. For instance, extra calories consumed as sugar cause an appropriate compensatory increase in carbohydrate oxidation (metabolism of carbohydrates for energy), whereas extra calories consumed as fat do not. Simply stated, obesity results from energy intake in excess of energy requirements. Many factors contribute to obesity, but evidence does not single out dietary sugar as a cause. The solution is obvious. Burn more calories with regular cardiovascular and resistance training and you’ll resolve a big part of the problem. It is just about habits. Many other benefits come out of it as well. Exercise is the best solution to combat obesity even if you are genetically predisposed to be obese. There are ways to work with your metabolism and get the best benefits out of exercising. I understood how my body worked and although suffering from hypothyroidism, I was able to reach my goals faster than those who are genetically gifted and are slim and healthy. Exercise has changed my life and I feel so grateful that I have the opportunity to experience it. That is what it’s all about. Opportunities.

The United States: The land of opportunity for any striving entrepreneur to make himself a place in this country, but making themselves a place doesn’t necessitate slowly killing people. Some 45 companies, including the American Sugar Refining Company, Coca-Cola, General Foods, General Mills, Nestlé, and Pet Milk have as their “front organization” a group called The Nutrition Foundation. Based on evidence and historical records, it would appear that the mass media and advertising companies often tell you the opposite of what is actually the case – in other words, they lie to you. Because those lies involve the physiological degeneration of the human population, it constitutes criminal negligence and a situation of deliberate genocide (slow genocide) that is not immediately recognized by the “now” generation. They can get away with it because the human body can tolerate a lot of abuse before it becomes obvious that something is wrong. But why allow abuse to begin in the first place? The craziest thing is that information is available at our fingertips. With all television documentaries about health, aired by The Discovery Channel, TLC (The Learning Channel) and Investigative Reports, enough information is available which could make today’s generation more careful about what they are eating without even reading. No fast food companies are force-feeding you with their products. They are not the ones putting the key in the ignition to drive you to their place of business. You are the one doing that. They can be the ones giving you the incentives to do so with their great promotions (2 for $2.22, Super size fries, etc.), but who is really at fault? It can be hard to point the finger at the responsible party since so many are involved in the process. The consumer will have to make the first step and eat only healthy foods offered in these same fast food restaurants. Many of these corporations are offering healthy alternatives with salad and low fat yogurt with fruit. It is a big step taken by these companies. However, why are these items not as heavily consumed as the processed food, which is the deadly poison? The worst offenders and some healthy foods are offered under the same roof – somewhat ironic, isn’t?

by Daniel A Amzallag


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