Useful Information on Cancer You Can Appreciate

Cancer is a known as a group of various diseases that are commonly caused by an unregulated well growth. It is also called a malignant neoplasm and can result in death.

It is also called a malignant pleonasm and is a group of disease that involves unregulated cell growth within the body. Cells usually divide and form tumors that invade other organs and can leads to death. It can also spread and develop dangerous tumors on lymphatic and brain tissues. However, not all of the body tumors are cancerous; and they do not necessarily spread and invade neighboring tissues.

Cancers are detected in various ways, including screening tests and medical imaging. It depends on where the cancer appears. When it is detected, the diagnosis is established after a sample tissue examination. Affected people can survive to cancers, but it depends on the type of location, and when the disease is detected. The sooner it is located, the greater the chances to benefit for an efficient treatment. Even though children are diagnosed with cancers, the disease seems to increase with age.

It is considered as an environmental disease. 90% of cases are attributed to habits and environmental pollutants. According to a research, tobacco is involved in 30% of cancer cases. Obesity and diet can cause 35% of cancers, infections 20% and radiations up to 10%. Other factors include genetics, lack of physical activities and stress. However, the disease can have multiple causes. One may develop a lung cancer because of tobacco, but many other factors such as a poor diet can contribute to the disease. Almost 20% of cancer deaths are caused by infectious diseases. A virus that causes cancer is an oncovirus. Some of the most common cancer viruses are the papillomavirus and human t-cell leukemia viruses-1.

A non-hereditary cancer is called a sporadic cancer. Sporadic cancers encompass 90% of cases, since the human immune system is programmed to reject “non-self” tissues and organs.

Cancer treatment is above all a prevention issue. Since most of cancer cases are due to environmental factors, they are controllable and preventable. By avoiding risk factors such as an insufficient diet, alcohol and tobacco, and physical inactivity, it is possible to prevent half of common cancer cases. Cancer screening is another important way to prevent the disease. Self-screenings and blood or urine tests can help people to detect the cancer before it expands and affects other tissues. Sexually active men and women should undertake regular cervical cancer screenings.

by Kimberly T. Michelle


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