The Purple Society and Chili’s have partnered to bring you PURPLE PEPPER DAYS! Visit your local Chili’s restaurant the FIRST Tuesday of every month and 10% of the proceeds from that day will go to The Purple Society!! So you can eat like royalty while helping families facing childhood cancer!


This is such a perfect partnership for us! As many of you know Chili’s has played such a large part in our journey. Chili’s donated the Chili’s building at St. Jude Research hospital, where Nitalia was treated for over 2 years. Every day we walked into that building looking up at the big Chili’s logo. That building is incredible, perfectly built for the kids that are going through radiation treatment. There is a big play area, computers, and a huge fish tank that we sat with Nitalia in front of.

To have this partnership with Chili’s is such a blessing, and a culmination of years of thanking them for their help. The Chili’s team even walked on Nitalia’s team, raising hundreds of thousands of dollares for childhood cancer research.

Purple Pepper Days are starting in the Phoenix Metro area. We would like to bring this program NATIONAL and Chili’s has agreed to do that.

Here is what we need all of you do to make this happen:
Go to your local Chili’s with the Purple Pepper Day flyer, and tell them about the program that is happening in the Phoenix Metro area. Let the manager know you would like to start the program at your location.
The person for your location manager to contact is:
Brent Severson, Managing Partner – Chili’s
Phone # 480-969-0515
Fax # 480-969-0517