When families fighting childhood cancer are in the hospital for long periods of time, it is difficult to afford the costs of eating away from home. Cancer treatments are some of the most expensive in our country. We know first hand how hard it is. When Nitalia started the Purple Goodies program, she herself was in active cancer treatment. As a family we were just about able to afford the basic necessities to live. Nitalia saw a need and in her unique and loving way, she reached out to community businesses for help. Her passion to help others not only brought food and drinks to hospital rooms around the country, but delivered her love also. Nitalia’s Purple Goodies Program was born from a 12 year old’s desire to give back all the blessings she had received from people in the community during her battle. Nitalia earned her angel wings in January of 2011, her mission lives on in all of the Purple programs she started during her time here. Everyday people like you and I continue her mission to support and provide resources for families fighting childhood cancer. It’s an easy thing to to! Here is how to get started:

  1. Contact us to get setup: anthony@werpurple.org
  2. We will send you a Purple Goodies Packet containing stickers and brochures.
  3. Pay a visit to some of your local restaurants.
  4. Speak to the manager and ask if they would like to donate food once per week to the families in your local hospital and/or Ronald McDonald House.
  5. Let them know YOU will pick up the food and deliver it.
  6. Give them our contact information if they have any questions about the 501c3 tax deductions that they can receive by donating food.


A very special thank you to our Purple Partners for providing breakfast for thousands of children in hospitals across the country!

Below are a few images of the deliveries we do every week to Cardons Childrens Hospital, Phoenix Childrens Hospital, Ryan’s House, and The Ronald McDonald House’s in our area.

It’s a win/win for everyone…And the families you deliver to LOVE it!