Kidney Cancer Survival Rate

In today’s generation renal diseases have been very common in almost every age range. Almost every snack today has high sodium content that contribute more and more to destroying our kidneys. From noodles to junk food, even seasonings used to add flavor to the food we eat our home are huge contributors to having renal disease in the future. Our kidney is an integral part of our body; they filter our blood and transmit others as waste products in our body. As of today many kidney related diseases have pop out due to abuse, from kidney failure, high blood pressure and diabetes, all these can lead to a worse disease called kidney cancer. Kidney cancer survival rate at the worst stage can range from five to fifteen percent chances of survival.

Kidney cancer survival rate like any other forms of cancer diminishes when the malignant cells start to expand to other regions of the body. At the initial stage, if diagnosed and treated early, a person with this type of cancer has a recovery chance of eighty to ninety percent. Operation and chemotherapy may be required for anyone who has cancer so that they could determine if the cancer cells have finally stopped spreading. At stage two, there is a slight depletion in the chances of survival to seventy five to sixty five percent. Usually in this stage, the malignant cancer tumor has started to expand in the kidney so it is noticeable in medical equipments. At the third stage where the tumor starts to expand to nearby tissues the chances of survival goes down to forty to seventy percent.

People must always be ready for anything that comes their way. We see healthy people get dreaded diseases like cancer without them knowing it. Cancer is a disease that no one is limited to having; even children can be affected by this at a very young age. What’s important is to have a healthy lifestyle and always be cautious on what you feel in your body. Always keep it in your mind that you shouldn’t be scared if you found out you have kidney cancer, since kidney cancer survival rate greatly depend if you got screened at an earlier stage.

by Mert Ozge


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