Fun Ideas For Gifts For Cancer Patients

Do you know someone who has just received a medical diagnosis of cancer? If so, this may be a time when you are devoting extra care and thought to this dear individual. It is likely that you will want to express your care and concern through giving this special friend a small gift of some type, but you may be unsure about what excellent gifts for cancer patients would be. The following is a list of suggestions for excellent gifts for cancer patients. Anything that you get will likely be greatly appreciated because at a delicate time like this it is the thought that counts. When you finish reading this article, you will have several ideas for excellent gifts for cancer patients.

CD of Relaxing Ocean Sounds

Since it is obviously quite a stressful situation to face a cancer diagnosis and treatment program, it is desirable to help the cancer patient relax. Anxiety helps no one and is unhealthy. Therefore, excellent gifts include a nice CD of relaxing ocean sounds. Most people do experience relaxation in response to the sound of the ocean. If the person does not have stereo headphones, this could make an excellent companion gift as well to facilitate listening to the CD.

Special Macrobiotic Diet Books

There are a host of books on the market today with special diets that are supposed to assist the cancer patient. Some of these diets promote general health, whereas others purport to actually attack the cancer itself. There are many types of books regarding cancer and they all approach diet from various angles. The macrobiotic diet books are said to be especially effective. Which ever type of diet book is chosen as a gift, it is nice because it shows that you are thinking about the cancer patient and really want to help with their health.


Everyone likes candles. This is because they have calming properties and smell so delicious. Anyone would enjoy a gift of scented candles to unwind with. It would be nice to use the candles with the CD of ocean sounds that was mentioned above. There are a wide variety of candle scents from which to choose and any would be a lovely gift.

Spa Gift Certificate for Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is a very healing science. Massage causes improved circulation, which is known to heal. Also, it improves the immune system, which is a concern for cancer patients. Finally, massage therapy helps people relax. Anxiety and stress are detrimental for health for many reasons including high blood pressure, stomach problems and immune system suppression. Therefore, the chance to relax will be so beneficial for cancer patients.

The above are some suggestions for excellent gifts for cancer patients. The suggestions include CDs, macrobiotic diet books, candles and massage therapy. These are only a few of the many thoughtful gifts for cancer patients. Any one of these will be a caring gesture to show that you are thinking about them in this challenging time.

by Daniel Mullens


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