Early Indicators of Breast Cancer

There are early indicators of breast cancer. If treated in its development stage there are good chances of prognosis and survival, here are some warnings signs to look for.

There will be a lump in the breast or underarm that persists after your menstrual cycle and often the first apparent symptom of breast cancer, breast lumps are painless, although some may cause a prickly sensation. Lumps are usually visible on a mammogram long before they can be seen or felt.

Swelling in the armpit.

Although lumps are usually painless, pain or tenderness in the breast can be a sign of breast cancer. A indentation on the breast, which may indicate a tumor that cannot be seen or felt.

There are often changes in the texture, size or even temperature of the breast along with a reddish surface which could be a sign of advanced breast cancer.

There is often a change in the nipple, such as an indrawn look, itching or burning sensation, or ulceration.

There can be what is noticed as a unusual discharge from the nipple that may be clear, bloody, or another color. It’s usually caused by benign conditions but could be due to cancer in some cases.

Pay special attention to a marble area under the skin.

At this stage there is not a cause to be alarmed, however prudence is recommended. The nipple or blood stained discharge is not always a sure fire sign but it does mean attention should be focused on prevention.

A general practitioner will examine the breast and if necessary will refer you to a specialist for further evaluation.If the results from a mammogram or ultra sound shows a cyst, then to have it removed may entail draining it through a fine needle. If the lump is solid then treatment will be with the use of a very fine needle where a sample of tissue will be taken and tested for cancer cells.

The key to cancer is being able to detect it early enough to fight the disease before it can spread or grow to other areas of the body. Having health insurance is coverage can play a major role in preventative treatment. If you would like to research health insurance companies that cover preventative treatments such as these, please feel free to visit our website at http://www.health-insurance-buyer.com and leave your contact information so one of our licensed agents can respond to your inquiry.

by Carla Jimenez


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