Name: Echothiophate
Type: small molecule
Groups: approved
Indication: For use in the treatment of subacute or chronic angle-closure glaucoma after iridectomy or where surgery is refused or contraindicated.
Accession Number: DB01057 ( APRD00942)
Description: A potent, long-acting irreversible cholinesterase inhibitor used as an ocular hypertensive in the treatment of glaucoma. Occasionally used for accomodative esotropia.
Prescription Products:
NameDosageStrengthRouteMarketing StartMarketing EndCountry
Phospholine Iodide - Liq Pws 3mg/5mlliquid; powder for solution3 mgophthalmic29-04-199712-08-1999Canada
Phospholine Iodide - Pws 12.5mg/5mlpowder for solution12.5 mgophthalmic29-08-199712-08-1999Canada
Phospholine Iodide - Pws 6.25mg/5mlpowder for solution6.25 mgophthalmic29-04-199702-08-2000Canada
Phospholine Iodide 12.5mg/5mlpowder for solution12.5 mgophthalmic31-12-199430-08-2001Canada
Phospholine Iodide 3mg/5mlpowder for solution3 mgophthalmic02-12-199807-05-2001Canada
Phospholine Iodide 6.25mg/5mlpowder for solution6.25 mgophthalmic06-10-199903-08-2001Canada
Phospholine Iodide OphthalmickitArrayArray04-12-1959US
Phospholine Iodide Pws 6.25mg/5mlpowder for solution6.25 mgophthalmic31-12-199414-08-1997Canada

Generic Prescription Products: Not Available
Over the Counter Products: Not Available
International Brands
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Brand Names
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Brand Mixtures
Brand NameIngredients
Phospholine Iodide OphthalmicEchothiophate
Phospholine Iodide Pws 6.25mg/5mlEchothiophate
Phospholine Iodide 12.5mg/5mlEchothiophate
Phospholine Iodide - Liq Pws 3mg/5mlEchothiophate
Phospholine Iodide - Pws 6.25mg/5mlEchothiophate
Phospholine Iodide - Pws 12.5mg/5mlEchothiophate
Phospholine Iodide 3mg/5mlEchothiophate
Phospholine Iodide 6.25mg/5mlEchothiophate

  • Cholinesterase Inhibitors
  • Parasympathomimetics
  • Miotics


Indication: For use in the treatment of subacute or chronic angle-closure glaucoma after iridectomy or where surgery is refused or contraindicated.
Pharmacodynamics: Not Available
Mechanism of action: Echothiophate Iodide is a long-acting cholinesterase inhibitor for topical use which enhances the effect of endogenously liberated acetylcholine in iris, ciliary muscle, and other parasympathetically innervated structures of the eye. Echothiophate iodide binds irreversibly to cholinesterase, and is long acting due to the slow rate of hydrolysis by cholinesterase. It causes miosis, increase in facility of outflow of aqueous humor, fall in intraocular pressure, and potentiation of accommodation.
Absorption: This ophthalmic medication may be systemically absorbed.
Volume of distribution: Not Available
Protein binding: Not Available
Metabolism: Not Available
Route of elimination: Not Available
Half life: Not Available
Clearance: Not Available
Toxicity: Side effects include blurred vision or change in near or distant vision and eye pain. LD50: 174 mcg/kg in rats. (MSDS)
Affected organisms
  • Not Available

SNP Mediated Adverse Drug Reactions
  • Not Available


  • Not Available

Dosage forms
Liquid; powder for solutionophthalmic3 mg
Powder for solutionophthalmic12.5 mg
Powder for solutionophthalmic3 mg
Powder for solutionophthalmic6.25 mg

Unit descriptionCostUnit
Phospholine iodide 0.125%$16.09ml

CountryPatent NumberApprovedExpires (estimated)
2911430United States1958-01-151978-01-15


Drug Interactions
SuccinylcholineThe serum concentration of Succinylcholine can be increased when it is combined with Echothiophate.

Food Interactions:
  • Not Available


Kingdom: Organic compounds
Super Class: Not Available
Class: Not Available
Sub Class: Not Available
Direct Parent: Not Available
Alternative Parents:
  • Amines
  • Hydrocarbon derivatives
  • Organic cations
  • Organooxygen compounds
  • Organothiophosphorus compounds
  • Sulfenyl compounds

  • Aliphatic acyclic compound
  • Amine
  • Hydrocarbon derivative
  • Organic cation
  • Organooxygen compound
  • Organosulfur compound
  • Organothiophosphorus compound
  • Quaternary ammonium salt
  • Sulfenyl compound


Synthesis Reference: Fitch, H.M.; U.S. Patent 2,911,430; November 3, 1959; assigned to Campbell Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
General Reference: # Schmidt KG, Horowitz Y, Buckman G, Segev E, Levinger E, Geyer O: Lowering of IOP by echothiophate iodide in pseudophakic eyes with glaucoma. Curr Eye Res. 2010 Aug;35(8):698-702. "Pubmed": 20673046 # Reddy RH: Echothiophate iodide: its use in accommodative esotropia (high Ac/A ratio). Indian J Ophthalmol. 1982 Jul;30(4):225. "Pubmed":
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