Cell Phone Use Linked to Cancer

Turn on any news channel or check out any news website and you will see that everyone is talking about the possible health risks of cell phone usage, especially in children. What should you and your children do to minimize any possible risks? A cancer expert suggests limiting cell phone usage, especially in children, because of possible cancer risk. Children should only use cell phones in emergencies because their brains are still developing.

This is based on unpublished data, because science moves at a very slow pace. It is better to be safe than sorry, so take the proper precautions, now. There is no evidence that cell phones are absolutely safe. The FDA says that phones emit low levels of radiofrequency while in use and very low RF while in standby mode. It is difficult to study the negative affects it has on people, yet. If you are concerned, you can eliminate your exposure by using a headset, speaker phone, or holding the phone farther from your ear.

A study in Sweden suggests that that their no warnings of increased brain cancer rates. More studies are obviously needed on the long term effect of children’s cell phone use.

The fact is there is no associated risk of brain tumors in children, yet. So, it might be better not to give out any false alarms because people will not believe anything we say and ignore future, bigger problems. Parents need to feel confident that they are doing the right thing for their children. Some argue that kids should not be given unrestricted access to cell phones all day and night. That is good parenting skills, not out fear of health risks.

This fear may be based on paranoia about living in a technological age and modern culture. Recent studies have shown no risk of brain tumors with regular cell phone risk.

There is no link between wireless usage and adverse health affects in adults. However, nothing has been ruled out, yet either. There is a possible increased risk in those who use cell phones more than usual. There is a definite safety risk linked to texting and talking while driving. Long time cell phone users who talk more than an hour a day are more likely to suffer from a high -frequency hearing loss.

by Lyla Feldman


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