Cancer Get Well Cards – What to Tell Someone Who Has Cancer

One of the sad aspects of cancer is that friends and loved ones sometimes are reluctant to wish the patient a speedy recovery. There can be a good reason for this reluctance. Get well cards for someone who has had their hip operated on or their wisdom teeth removed, almost always don’t apply to a patient with cancer. So rather than offend, many of us choose to say little or nothing. But there’s no need to hold back. There are greeting cards and get well cards with appropriate messages. It’s just a matter of finding the right one.

So not only can you send a card but it can be one with a powerful and positive message. When the card says special things, you can send a card with confidence.

I know you can make it

Take care as we are all thinking of you

Our love for you will always be there

Hope is the best cure of all

With faith anything is possible

Imagine you are a patient in hospital and thinking all sorts of things about your illness and your future and suddenly in comes an envelope or three. You open them and read kind and encouraging thoughts. They may come from loved ones, work colleagues, neighbors, even folk you hardly know. But the card and its message takes you out of your world of looking inward. Your spirits get a real boost, you may even laugh or shed a tear. You feel grateful and touched. And all this happens because someone has sent an appropriate get well card.

There are many professionally produced get well cards suitable for cancer patients but don’t neglect the idea of making your own. If it’s from a child, it will be precious and tug at your heart strings. But making a simple card or even using your computer to run up something unique is a possibility worth considering. The personal touch certainly still counts today.

Remember too that cancer for many patients is a long drawn out process. The fight can last for many years. Knowing when a friend or loved one first discovered they were ill or had their first surgery means that anniversaries come into view. It might be appropriate to send a congratulatory card when a patient reaches a certain milestone. Remember people are living with cancer every day. Any small thought, such as a card, can take their mind away from the mundane and even give them a smile. Humor is often a real fillip to one’s spirits. There are professional anniversary cards for cancer survivors as well.

And there are many positive things you can tell someone with cancer. Don’t be timid, don’t be afraid that you may offend. Be bold in your thoughts and show how you care. Choose the appropriate card but whatever you do, send it.

Every new day is a time to celebrate life

I’m so glad I met you

You are my inspiration

by Rita Goldman


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